We need to talk about Nanowrimo

It’s only taken until the 3rd of November this year, but I’ve given up on Nanowrimo again (I think I lasted 8 days or so when I last tried it). Pumping out 50000 words in a month regardless of quality just doesn’t suit me, I struggled to just under the average required on Sunday, added a thousand or so more yesterday and today ran out of steam altogether.

It’s been useful in one respect, in that what I have done so far this month has suggested part of the plot, but the problem I had is that because I was just writing anything and knew that I’d come back and rewrite it, I had no urge to continue. I think what I need to do from now on is plan; write character studies, outline the plot so that I know what each chapter is about, then write a first draft that will be more or less the completed product, minus a tweak here and there.

I’m going to take a day or two out to think how to proceed, then carry on – I need to get into the habit of writing, which was one of the main reasons I jumped on the Nanowrimo bandwagon, but I can’t work to daily word counts. If it takes two months, three months or a year, it doesn’t matter as long as I’m happy with the finished product.

We need to talk about Nanowrimo

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