The unpublished novel

One of the stumbling blocks to my writing has been the notion that if your work doesn’t get published, it’s been a colossal waste of time, and I probably waste enough time as it is without wasting even more. Then I thought to myself, even if no-one reads even the draft, let alone a published book, do I still need to carry on jotting down ideas, working them through and (maybe one day) working them up into a full-blown manuscript? The answer was yes, I do, and this is what keeps me coming back to the idea.

I did a search online for information about unpublished novels; In praise of the unpublished drawer novel and On my unpublished novel are about individual authors’ experiences, and 12 unpublished novels we wish we could read looks at the unpublished works of various well-known authors.

In this age of the ebook and easy self-publishing it’s easier than ever before to get your work out there, whether it’s then read is another story, but the days of being at the whim of a publisher are numbered, if not over. I’d like to think that once I have a finished novel I’d be objective enough to not just put any old rubbish out, but my aim is certainly to be published, if only so I have something to point to, to prove I’m a writer.

The unpublished novel

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